My Travel Experiences

About me

I grew up in Cornwall, United Kingdom, surrounded by beautiful beaches, countryside and a tight-knit community. I am grateful that my childhood was in such a picturesque and serene county. However, I lived in a very small town and naturally became restless to break free and experience new places and people. Needless to say, living with my parents and still deep in education, I’d have to wait until I was 18. It was inevitable that my travelling dreams would have to be put on pause. By the time I hit 18 I had started to feel slightly claustrophobic. I couldn’t understand how people wanted to stay in the same small town their whole lives. A lot of people had this mindset where I was from. It’s very comfortable there, everyone knows everyone and you feel safe and secure, but i wanted more.

Cornwall felt completed to some extent and it was time to move on. I love meeting new people from all over the world, seeing new places and creating experiences. I wanted to discover what the world had to offer. So, I made the decision to go to university in London, and off I went. These were 3 of the best years of my life. London is lively, vibrant and cosmopolitan. It had everything I wanted in a city. This city had so much to offer and the city life suited my outgoing personality. I quickly fell in love with London life. In fact, I wasn’t sure if I’d ever want to leave or live anywhere else.

Of course, like everywhere in the UK, it can get very cold. And if there’s anything I’ve realised about myself whilst growing up, it’s that I am a sun-worshipper. I feel like a complete version of me when the suns beating down on my face. I always feel positive and my best self when the suns out. They do say that exposure to sunlight increases the brains release of serotonin. So, automatically my mood is boosted when it’s summertime. Summer in London was incredible, there are so much to do and so many places to see. But the winters were very cold and rainy. And it made me think about moving to a warmer climate (see my page on my decision to move to Barcelona).

I was now a legal adult and could do whatever I wished (well, what my funds allowed me to do). It was time to make a list of every place I want to see in the world (it was a very very long list). I decided that I would get a part-time job alongside the university and start adding to my travel funds.

What will this blog be about?

I decided to write this blog initially for myself. I wanted to remember all of the adventures I had, the people I encountered and the places I had seen. Not only does this blog help me reflect on all of my experiences but it’s also a great way to reminisce. And a great guide to anyone who’s planning to visit these countries. I’ll explain what I enjoyed most, what to avoid and other general and (hopefully) helpful tips. I hope to continue to explore the world and write about my experiences here. And I hope my passion for travel can help someone out there.

Of course, I had thousands of photographs. But I realised that sometimes written word can evoke emotions and trigger memories in a way that a photograph can’t. So why not combine both into one blog? The purpose of sharing this travel blog with the public is to help fellow wanderlusts! Reading other travel blogs before visiting a country helped me in so many ways. I learnt things about these places that I couldn’t anywhere else. Sometimes it was just silly things, like hacks of the roads and secret shortcuts in Bali, but these things all helped to mould my experience (and saved me time working it out for myself). I love the travel community. It’s inspiring to read others experiences and record your own memories too. It’s like a history book on your life.