I moved to London when I was 18. I decided to study English Literature and London was always somewhere that fascinated me. It seemed everybody there was thriving and it was full of excitement and mystery. I fell in love with London life quickly. The thing I find most fascinating about London is how different each borough is. I felt a completely different energy and ambience from one place to the next. It’s almost like the boroughs are small islands. Whether it’s Shoreditch, the home of creatives, a space filled with independent stores and unique events. A place where you feel like you can wear alternative clothing without anyone batting an eyelid. Or whether it’s the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea. Which holds a royal status and is arguably the most affluent, posh and sophisticated area of central London. Each place has something different to offer so it felt impossible to get bored of this city.


There are so many things about London that I could go on forever. But I would love to share my favourite restaurants with you. After living there for 4 years, this took some time to think about. But eventually, I managed to get it down to my top 3 favourites.

Enjoying different restaurants is without a doubt one of my favourite things to do in London. Yes, I am a passionate foodie. I could write a whole 10,000-page book on recommendations of restaurants in London. A great abundance of restaurants would be an understatement! So, instead, I’ll tell you about my top 3 favourite restaurants and why.

Sexy Fish, Mayfair

Sexy Fish is situated in Mayfair, an affluent place in the West End of London. Mayfair holds a prestigious status and is home to the finest cuisine, properties and high-end shops. This is probably why it’s so expensive on monopoly. This restaurant features an extensive Asian cuisine menu which is guaranteed to impress. With raw-bar items, grilled fishes and much more. The variety of drinks is very impressive too! With the biggest selection of whiskeys in the whole of London.

It’s not just guaranteed to delight tastebuds, but the eyes too. The interior features a classy yet swanky art-filled decor. The ambience is amazing as it presents a refreshing, contemporary and exciting atmosphere. It’s not cheap, but I promise you, it’s worth it!

Sexy Fish hold many different events. They often have performers, such as dancers or DJ’s. So you can enjoy first-class entertainment whilst sipping on cocktails and enjoying the best Asian dishes in Mayfair. Lot’s of people dine here then spent the evening enjoying the vibe and music. It’s hard not to have a good night when visiting Sexy Fish.

Olives and Meze, Soho

Olives and Meze are situated in Soho, a fashionable and trendy place in West End London. It’s easily my no.1 place to go for healthy food. This restaurant is a Mediterranean cuisine dream with a modern twist. It offers an extensive menu will with traditional but also contemporary flavours. They offer a great selection of plant-based foods, vegetarian dishes, gluten-free dishes and are always happy to custom their dishes to your dietary requirements.

Every single dish I’ve tried at Olives and Meze was so out of this world. And the best part? all of their dishes are made from fresh ingredients and made to order. All dishes are made with the finest ingredients and diverse flavours that will leave you wanting more. It’s definitely a healthy alternative to dining out, but don’t think this will mean you’ll go away unsatisfied. It’s quite the opposite actually. You’ll walk away from this restaurant feeling great – good food, good mood. Everyone needs to try this place, you will not regret it!

Padella, Southwark

Padella is situated in Borough Market, Southwark. Borough market is extremely popular amongst Londoners and tourists. It’s one of the largest and oldest food markets in London. You can pretty much find any type of food you desire here. And the atmosphere is incredible, as foodies from all over the world enjoy the seemingly boundless types of dishes on offer. Just minutes from liveliness at the Borough Market is Padella. Italian is without a doubt my favourite cuisines and Padella more than satisfied my deep love for pasta and pizza.

It features an open kitchen. So you can see the freshly made dough being rolled and the handmade pasta enters the food processor. All ingredients used are fresh and of the highest quality. I did find it a struggle when first moving to London to find an authentic Italian. But Padella is the closest to an authentic Italian that you’re going to get! It’s fresh, tasty and affordable. An Italian gem that I was grateful I stumbled across.